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Pinehurst School

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Pinehurst School Testimonial

Reference: Builtsmart - PLB Construction Group Ltd

The problem with transportable classrooms is they kind of all look the same and feel a bit cheap and lightweight.  They can also tend to stick out like the bald actor in a revival of “Hair”; well this was certainly my impression of them.

I was pleasantly surprised that things are definitely not that way dealing with Builtsmart.  After talking to the Managing Director, Daniel Kirk we found out that we could “tailor” much of the characteristics of the design we cared about, like ensuring that they matched the style and feel of our existing cedar classrooms and other buildings onsite, while still taking advantage of a standardised fit and build. 

Getting classrooms made offsite is so much less disruptive and safer for staff and students alike.

Anyone getting anything built in Auckland these days knows about the difficulties getting consents out of council especially anywhere near Christmas.  I had pretty much given up on meeting our 1 Feb deadline after council took several months to finally approve building consents.  However even after this, with Builtsmart being forced to deliver several weeks later than expected they somehow managed to have two new shiny classrooms ready for an excited group of primary students the first day of school.

The look and feel of the new classrooms is fantastic.  We already have another two in the pipeline with Daniel and the team for the end of this year… hopefully with enough of a head start that we won’t have the same stress as last time (famous last words I know).

Pinehurst thanks Builtsmart for fantastic efforts and two very “smart” buildings.

Jon Horne
Business Manager

Cambridge High School

To Whom It May Concern

Cambridge High School Classroom Builder Testimonial

Cambridge High School went to tender for a ‘design and build’ project consisting of two classrooms and a resource room. PLB Construction/Builtsmart was the selected bidder. The building was constructed off-site and transported in two pieces to CHS resulting in a building that looks and performs like the permanent building that it is.

In the design process PLB made many good suggestions based on their experience, and the end result is a very practical learning environment for students.

The project was completed in a timely manner, to a high standard, and within budget. At all times, communication and follow up was very good.

The teachers allocated to these rooms are very happy with their teaching workspace.

We would have no hesitation in recommending PLB for school projects.


Phil McCreery
Cambridge High School

Opoutere School

To Whom It May Concern,

Opoutere School Classroom Building TestimonialWe had three classrooms completely replaced this year [2014] at Opoutere School. We would like you to know that we found PLB to be very efficient and experienced. PLB provided sound workmanship and were professional to deal with, we received good communication at all stages of the building process and they were willing to answer questions and explain things.

The builders and contractors worked full days, they worked quickly and efficiently, we could see progress on a daily basis. Everyone was respectful of the fact they were working within school grounds and had to share the worksite with little ears and eyes. We were very impressed with PLB, they finished the job on time and we are excited to be in our beautiful new classrooms.

Yours Truly
Rae Stafford
Opoutere School

Waterview Primary School

To Whom It May Concern

Waterview Primary School Classroom Builder TestimonialThe quality of the workmanship and the workman themselves are of top quality and professional all the way. Any unforeseen problems that occurred during or after the project were quickly identified and resolved.

It is my pleasure to recommend and endorse the work of PLB construction based on the experience we had with them building Waterview Primary School (temp) over the 2012/13 school holidays.

From the commencement the communication was excellent. PLB informed us of the steps, strategies and progress of the site. They gave us options, along with professional advice on the best options for best outcomes, which was appreciated. They were happy to explain things in "laymen" terms as often as was required to various members of the Waterview Primary School staff/BOT members.

During the project PLB staff assisted us above and beyond their contract with practical things to lessen our burden, they put up white boards, shelving and managed power supply issues just to name a few. Every night the site was secured by them.

Their dedication to completing the project on time was obvious and they left the site extremely tidy and safe, ready for the children to return from their holiday. The feedback from staff, children, parents and visitors to our school has been extremely positive; they have provided us with a lovely work space.

I would have no hesitation in recommending PLB for school projects and would use them again tomorrow.


Brett Skeen
PRINCIPAL Waterview Primary School


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