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Step one
Before considering a transportable home

Contact your local Council

  • Planning

    Reach out to your local Council's planning department and consult with the Duty Planner. You can usually find their contact information on the Council's website.
  • Site Details

    Provide the Planner with information about your section, such as its location, size, zoning, and any other relevant details. This will help them assess the suitability and feasibility of placing a transportable home on your site.
  • Regulations & requirements

    Ask the Planner about any regulations, bylaws, or restrictions that may apply to transportable homes in your area. This could include setback requirements, height restrictions, site coverage limitations, or any other specific guidelines.
  • Consents & Permits

    Inquire about the permits or consents that may be required for moving and installing a transportable home on your site. The Planner can provide information on the process, required documentation, and any associated fees.
  • Infrastructure & Services

    Discuss the availability and connection process for essential services such as water, electricity, and sewage. Understand any requirements or considerations related to these services when placing a transportable home on your site.
  • Concerns or Queries

    Take this opportunity to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have regarding the placement or installation of a transportable home. The Planner can provide guidance and clarification to ensure you have a clear understanding of the process.
  • Engaging Early

    By engaging in early discussions with a Planner at your local Council, you can gain valuable information and insights to determine if your site is suitable for a transportable home and understand any specific requirements or restrictions. It is important to comply with local regulations and obtain the necessary consents to ensure a smooth and legal process when purchasing and placing a transportable home on your section.
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