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Step Five
Consent management

  • Onsite Consent

    It is important to note that while BUILTsmart homes come with a building consent for the house itself, an additional onsite building consent is typically required from the local council in the region where the house will be moved to. This onsite consent is necessary to demonstrate compliance with local town planning and building regulations, including requirements related to boundary setbacks, foundations, service connections, and other applicable rules. BUILTsmart generally manages the full consent process to ensure a smooth and continuous project experience for their clients.
  • Ex-Yard Code of Compliance

    This is applied for and obtained by BUILTsmart for the building prior to leaving the yard. The onsite Code Compliance is the responsibility of the owner. It is the owner’s responsibility to seek qualified contractors and engineers to complete their onsite works and obtain the record of works and/or producer statements necessary to submit to Council for final sign off. The list of inspections and the documents needed will be outlined in the approved onsite consented documents, which will clearly indicate the responsibilities and paperwork required by Council to achieve Final Code Compliance at the end of your project.
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