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Step Six
Post-contract, construction and delivery

  • Consents and Planning

    Once the contract is signed, our architect will proceed with completing the construction drawings required for the building consent and the onsite building consent simultaneously. These drawings provide detailed plans, specifications, and documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with local building regulations and requirements.

    After the construction drawings are prepared, they will be submitted to the relevant local councils for approval. The councils typically have 20 working days to process the applications, although this timeline can be extended if further information or clarification is requested.

    While waiting for the council's approval, your client liaison team will reach out to organise a colour consultation to confirm choices such as roofing, cladding colour, aluminium joinery, kitchen and flooring finishes. These decisions are important as they allow for the timely ordering of the correct materials, which can help expedite the build process once approvals are obtained.

    Once the building consents are obtained, and the materials are ordered, the construction phase can begin, and the project can move forward according to the agreed-upon timelines and specifications.

  • Construction Phase

    During the construction process, the project team will provide regular updates at each stage of the construction process.  They will also provide progress photos that align with each milestone payment as specified in the Building Contract. These progress photos serve as visual evidence of the construction progress and help to ensure transparency and alignment between the completed milestones and corresponding payments.

    Once construction is complete the Project Manager will organise the final inspection.  During the final inspection, the Project Manager, will walk you through the completed house.

    The purpose of the final inspection is to identify any remaining issues, ensure that the construction meets the agreed-upon specifications, and address any necessary adjustments or corrections.

  • Transport and Delivery

    The Project Manager, in conjunction with the transport team, will determine and confirm a transport date for the house. This allows for proper planning and scheduling of the necessary resources and equipment to ensure successful delivery.

    Additionally, transit insurance is included in the Building Contract. Transit insurance provides an added layer of protection and peace of mind during the transportation process.

  • Post Delivery

    Once your new home is delivered to your site, your onsite builder and contractors are required to complete all remaining onsite works which includes: Connection to services, Building decks/landings and baseboards, Landscaping and Driveways.

    It is the owner’s responsibility to seek qualified contractors and engineers to complete onsite works and obtain the record of works and/or producer statements necessary to submit to Council for final sign off. 

    The list of inspections and the documents needed will be outlined in the approved onsite consented documents, which will clearly indicate the responsibilities and paperwork required by Council to achieve Final Code Compliance at the end of your project.

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