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Transportable Homes Floor Plans and Prices

We have a series of well thought out floor plans designed to get the most efficiency out of each transportable home.

Transportable Homes Floor Plans

Our modern Builtsmart transportable homes often have larger floor areas than conventionally built homes. We've divided the transportable homes floor plans into categories based on the number of bedrooms they have, plus one additional category for the trendy Show Home transportable home.

Choosing the Exterior Design

Once you've decided on the best floor plan layout, consider what you want your home to look like from the outside. With Builtsmart, any floor plan you choose can be matched to a variety of roofing and cladding options. For example, you can choose from a various cladding options or mix and match the cladding to create interesting design elements.

Transportable Home with Gable Roof and Palliside Cladding Transportable Home with mono pitch roof, Linea and Zincalume cladding

Gable roof and Palliside cladding (left) and mono-pitch roof, Linea and Zincalume cladding (right)

Transportable Homes Prices

Through our efficient building methods, Builtsmart Advanced Transportable Homes are priced so well that even though they come completely pre-built, the price you pay is similar to the base price of a kitset home. Yes, we can provide you with a new home built at a similar cost to a kitset house without the additional builder costs that kit set homes incur.

Plans are grouped by the number of bedrooms in the house. Prices including GST are displayed under each floor plan.

You'll see the prices including GST are displayed under each floor plan. The prices include a beautifully crafted kitchen installed and everything else you'd expect in a new modern home. Visit our specifications for a full list of inclusions. 

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