Any of our standard floor plans can be matched to any of our transportable home styles! *

2 Bedroom Transportable Home 60sqm

PLB60 2 Bedroom Transportable Homes House Plan

PLB60 – $121,100

Two bedroom transportable home with kitchen and laundry area leading into open plan dining and living area. Separate bathroom with shower.

The PLB60 comes with a gable roof as standard.

You have a choice of cladding and can choose between a gabled roof and a mono-pitch roof with every BUILTsmart Advanced Transportable Homes plan.*

Would this plan work better with your own ideas? You can change exterior windows to sliding or bi-fold doors, or make a room larger or smaller.

* The style of house and materials you choose vary the price. Unless otherwise stated prices include GST and are based on using Palliside cladding, construction ex-yard as per our standard building specifications.


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