Due to such high demand in the housing industry our factory is at capacity for the 2022 year. What this means, we are unable to accommodate any further residential builds at this stage. We will be reassessing factory capacity and the 2023 workflow in November. Thank you for your patience.

Why Builtsmart
Transportable Homes?

Built affordable

Truly Affordable

We have designed a choice of five transportable home floor plans with great specifications aimed at providing you with the most cost effective building options available.

Built ready

Built to Completion

All homes are completely finished.

Built Efficiently

Quality Homes
Built Quicker

Building pre fab houses under cover provides us with the environment to achieve a higher standard of quality control for the entire building process. Our method is quick, clean and affordable. It's the only product you can stop, paint, tile, and put on the back of a truck when 100% completed and transport to site. Building pre fab houses in our custom designed New Zealand factory provides huge timesaving and efficiencies and means we build our pre fab transportable homes up to 40% quicker than conventional houses.

Built Better

Quality Kitchens

Builtsmart transportable homes come with kitchens that are constructed with durable cutting-edge materials and modern clean lines. Top quality appliances are installed ready to go as a part of our complete package.

Built to transport


Builtsmart homes are pre-built in Huntly and transported throughout the North Island of New Zealand. Transport costs and installation varies between building sites, so is not included in the house price. We can provide a quote foir this once we have the required information.

Built to last

Earthquake Resistance & Durability

The BRANZ accredited wall and ceiling system we use in our transportable homes is unique. The wall and ceiling panels are 2.4m x 7.3m long, which create the structural and bracing elements.

Builtsmart transportable homes exceed the New Zealand Building Code for earthquake resistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we're most asked about transportable homes, specifications and the Metrapanel system.

What's included in the transportable home price?

All finishing lines such as the door hardware, mirrors, towel rails, toilet roll holders, shelving, plumbing and electrical fittings. Laundry unit, bathroom vanity, shower and kitchen with cooking appliance are supplied and fitted. Walls are stopped to a paint finish. Ex-yard permit and code of compliance are included.

How far can you deliver a transportable home?
We can transport homes virtually anywhere in the North Island that can be accessed by a house removal truck.
Do I need my own builder for any stage of the project?
You'll need a builder for decks, steps and onsite building work, a plumber to connect the house to water, stormwater and wastewater systems, and an electrician to connect your new home to mains power if required.
Do you organise the building permits for transportable homes?
We can organise all permitting and resource consents where required for your new transportable homes and have a dedicated person who specialises in permit applications.
What sort of guarantees do you offer on transportable homes?
Builtsmart Limited provides product guarantees for all materials and items used in the construction of Builtsmart transportable homes. In accordance with the Building Act, we provide a 10 year workmanship guarantee.
What deposit is required and how are payments structured?
Our standard terms of trade are 10% deposit on signing of our transportable homes building contract with progress payments based on stages of work completed.
Can we look over your transportable homes contract?
Yes, the building contract for transportable homes is available on request.
Can you manufacture commercial transportable buildings?
Yes, in fact Builtsmart has delivered great transportable building solutions for schools, offices, and even prisons with the Builtsmart transportable buildings system.
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